The Cinema – My Blood Is Full Of Airplanes – Album Discussion

The Cinema – My Blood Is Full Of Airplanes

Released September 13, 2011

This right here is probably THE MOST underrated record of all time. Okay, that might be a little exaggerated but seriously, it’s such a shame so many don’t know about this.

The Cinema are a little side project by vocalist Leighton Antelman, who is also the vocalist of the better known band Lydia, and producer Matt Malpass. Both Lydia and The Cinema are considered indie pop/rock bands and might even sound similar at times. However, even though I can’t say I’ve listened extensively to both bands, I can say that this record in particular is something special in itself.

My Blood Is Full Of Airplanes is a stand out record because even though it’s just indie pop, it’s a perfect balance between the two genres. Don’t get me started on how difficult it is to come by something like that. There isn’t a single track on here that becomes a little too full of synthesizer and while some songs linger more on the pop music side of things, they never become cheesy or cliché. Lead singer Leighton Antelman’s vocals are light enough to seamlessly blend in with the rest of the production (which was entirely handled by Matt Malpass, I might add) and helps create an overall calm but upbeat sound to the entire record.

The opening track, “Satellites”, serves as the perfect template for the rest of the songs, being a dance inspired song with some slight synth and lyrics about love. The next few songs are easily some of my all time favorites. “Kill It”, “The Wolf”, “Picasso” and “Say It Like You Mean It” are the more relaxed tracks on the record but are nonetheless fun or interesting to listen to. They also contain some of the best lyrics on the record. “Kinect” comes through sounding like a true indie rock inspired song, with a fast, defined drum beat and guitar to supply the music. “She’s On My Arm Now” comes as close to a ballad as possible and sounds like something that would play during the credits from a romantic movie. Up next is probably my favorite track of off the entire thing, “Banker”. The meaning of this song basically seems to be about theft, money and running away and always creates a movie like scene in my mind. The album proceeds with “All The Lights”, another mid-tempo song about love. To end it all off, we have the title track “My Blood Is Full Of Airplanes” which is another slower song that kind of mirrors “She’s On My Arm Now” and also belongs somewhere in a dramatic film.

This entire record is ridiculously dreamy but the down to earth topics throughout keep the listener from floating away. The Cinema is such a fitting name for this group because as you can tell already by all of the cinematic references, this type of music doesn’t feel like the real world even though the lyrics clearly state it is. I truly believe there’s something on this alum for everybody no matter what your preference in music is and that’s another thing that makes it worth the listen.


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