Selena Gomez – When The Sun Goes Down – Memorable Moments

When The Sun Goes Down is the third and final release from Selena Gomez and her band The Scene, released in 2011. This one saw the group drift further into more electronic pop territory while still adhering to some aspects of their pop rock roots from their debut, Kiss & Tell. I’m sure nobody could forget the mega successful single “Love You Like A Love Song” which became one of Selena’s most recognizable songs. “Hit The Lights” was also a very popular one among the rest of the track list but at it’s core, this record is almost a completely generic pop record. However, “generic” doesn’t always equate to “bad”; in this case especially the pop song formula was used to it’s highest potential and besides a few hit singles, there are some other quite impressive tracks on here. That’s exactly where “Memorable Moments” comes in, a segment on my blog where I like to feature three possibly overlooked but definitely good songs from one record. This won’t be a full album review nor will it be a ranking of any kind; I want to keep these short and to the point. I will also refrain from choosing hit singles which will allow me to pick other great songs from the record. Without further ado, here we go.


“We Own The Night” – track 4

With a summery guitar riff and smooth even beat, this one feels like a dreamy movie. The lyrics talk about enjoying life at the moment and not worrying, featuring Pixie Lott and some of Selena’s best vocals. Although this one lacks heavy electronic production, it does in turn create a unique sound pop rock inspired sound that wasn’t so common at the time, nor was it common for an album that consisted mostly of dance tunes and pulsing beats.

 “When The Sun Goes Down” – track 7

The title track has to live up to having the entire project named after it and I can say with certainty that this one doesn’t disappoint. “When The Sun Goes Down” is a dance pop song all about partying and having a good time. Although that’s very common among pop music, I really like that it’s just a fun song about enjoying life instead of a relationship or breakup that most pop music consists of. There’s a touch of guitars, drums and some bells mixed with some electronica to make the perfect combination when it comes to production. Everything is balanced and in just the right quantities that this song is extremely timeless and is one of the most notable tracks in Gomez’s discography.

 “Middle of Nowhere” – track 11

Pure. Pop. Goodness. There’s really not much to say about this one considering the rather basic production and predictable lyrical content. But, it does feature some powerful vocals from Selena which I almost forgot existed considering her recent songs are very hushed sounding. The entire thing is just very enjoyable and like I said about the previous songs, it doesn’t feel too goopy or overdone. This song really isn’t trying too hard to stand out or be different and I think that’s why I like it so much. As I previously stated, sometimes a formula works and in this case, it was very well executed.

Memorable Moments

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