Bring Me The Horizon – “Follow You” – Music Video Discussion


Bring Me The Horizon is a band that’s experienced it all; starting out in the metal core genre, the band have slowly evolved album by album and shaped their most modern sound into more of a relaxed, indie pop/rock feel. No matter what your preference on this band is, whether you prefer their roots or are a huge fan of “That’s The Spirit” or “amo”, there’s no denying the talent and creativity that goes into everything they do. From their overall production to their live shows to their music videos, this is a band that genuinely cares about what they’re doing, and it shows. Especially when it comes to music videos, I look forward to this group more than any other to see how they’ll bring their songs to life. There are a few that stick out in my mind in particular, such as “Sleepwalking” or “Drown” but there’s one video that takes the cake and that is “Follow You”.

The video for “Follow You”, the fifth single released off of 2015’s “That’s The Spirit”, opens up with scenes of violence and the words “love is blind, deaf and fucking dumb” written across the screen. We’re instantly introduced to a little blonde boy who walks out of his house with his grandmother in the background armed with a gun and their golden retriever munching on a lifeless zombie. The boy walks out the front door and puts on a pair of headphones as the song comes in, armed with nothing but his optimism and a black eye. He’s just casually walking down the street, lip synching to the song as there’s all this violence going on that he seems immune to. There are fires burning down houses, evil clowns suffocating people, neighbors shooting each other, beating up cars and even a plane crash. He’s waving hello to everyone and dancing around, showcasing some very cheery behavior for someone who’s outer world seems to be falling apart. At the end this never ending street, the little boy makes it to another house, knocks on the door and a girl opens it. He embraces her and everything looks normal, until the camera changes direction and shows the viewers that she is zombie as well. He enters her house and we’re left hanging on what just happened in the past five minutes.

To say I was stunned the first time I watched the video would be an understatement. If I’m being honest, I laughed. I think that it just looked so ridiculous from the get go that I couldn’t even take it seriously. The second time I watched the video, I still didn’t quite get it. It was only after re-watching it maybe six or seven times that the concept really stuck out to me. The initial concept is stated right at the very beginning, with love being blind, deaf and stupid. The boy is mindlessly walking through the apocalypse, blissfully unaware of what’s going on, while wearing headphones that also keep him from hearing the outside world, hence appearing to be blind and deaf. When he gets to the girl’s house, he must be aware that she’s clearly a zombie, yet he doesn’t seem to have a care in the world, showing his neglect towards what is the smartest thing to do (which is to avoid her at all costs). There are two main points that I take away from this video; one of them is the fact that when you’re in love, sometimes you don’t realize all the things (even the bad things) about the relationship or the person in general. You become blind to your surroundings, only honing in on that one person and possibly making poor decisions because of them. The second takeaway I get from this mini movie is that most of the time when you’re in a relationship like that, you’re not realizing the potential destruction this person has on your life. The zombie girl at the end could very well kill our main character, a risk that he’s obviously okay with taking. Unfortunately for us we’ll never find that out as the video ends right at that moment.

This music video is unexpected in the most gracious way, despite the mass murder and gore filled scenes throughout it all. “Follow You” isn’t a somber song yet the portrayal of a horror movie is something I’m sure nobody could have imagined and the lack of major seriousness keeps it from becoming overbearing or uncomfortable. This one is a perfect balance in theme, meaning and production, really creating an entire cinematic effect that makes it feel like an entire film encompassed in a few short minutes. They used imagery to their advantage, putting together a project that’s more meaningful than just a video of the band playing along to the track. This is a project that makes me realize that I’ll never nearly be as talented or creative as Bring Me The Horizon and honestly, I’m not even mad about it.

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