Miley Cyrus – Bangerz – Memorable Moments

Miley Cyrus’ 2013 studio album Bagerz was a pretty solid record which produced a couple of hit singles and of course some controversy to boot. Swinging naked on a wrecking ball or twerking literally everywhere sure did turn some heads and left people with mixed feelings about this Miley era. And if I’m being honest here, I can’t even blame them. Upon listening to the entire record, I was left even more confused about where this project was exactly meant to go. It’s obviously more hip hop based in some ways but then completely pop based on others, creating a lack in consistency and direction. I can’t even say with certainty that I’ve listened to this entire thing at least once all the way through. But I can say though is that there are a handful of great songs from this record that I have listened to on repeat numerous times that deserve more recognition. They may not be able to completely fill in the major gaps this album contains but here are three memorable moments from Bangerz.


#1. “Drive”

Hands down the best song on here sonically, lyrically and vocally. The strong beat and synthesizer influence were perfect for 2013 yet created a cool futuristic effect that made the song feel timeless. There are no extra sound effects muddled within and the track never lingers longer than it has to. To add on to that, Cyrus’ vocals and the story she tells throughout feel real to her but also relatable to anyone else which makes for the perfect synth pop tune.


#2. “FU”

With a feature from French Montana and heavy synth influenced instrumentation layered with accusatory lyrics about a cheating lover, “FU” comes to us as one of the most fun songs on here regardless of the bleak wording. It’s encouraging and empowering, demonstrating that we can move on from broken relationships without dwelling on them too much. Just like with “Drive”, this is perfect song of the times but even over half a decade later it stays relevant to what modern pop music is like.


#3. “Do My Thang”

Does this one even need an explanation? I think I’ll just end this off with my favorite part of this song: “Bang bitch/ You think I’m strange bitch/ It’s bananas like a fucking ‘rangatang bitch/ Don’t worry ‘bout me/ I got it all arranged bitch/ Mind your business, stay in your lane bitch”

Memorable Moments

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