100 gecs – 1000 gecs – Lyrical Highlights

Experimental pop as a genre is rather hit or miss: sometimes, it’s quite honestly some of the best music you can find while other times, it’s a hot mess express that really shouldn’t exist. With 1000 gecs, I must admit that it’s the former, not the latter. This was a record that was absolutely bonkers and is as experimental as it gets, with elements of almost every genre from ska to emo, and pitched vocals the entire duration of the album. It’s a record that in retrospect, shouldn’t have worked as well as it did. But with an instrumental portion that is so exhilarating and a lyrical content that is relatable, yet comical at times, we’ve got lots of moments to remember on here. There are so many lines in here that are especially worth noting, and that may not pull at your heartstrings but rather make you laugh a little. And sometimes, I prefer it that way.


“Money Machine”

“You talk a lotta big game for someone with such a small truck”

I don’t know how to explain this. It’s just funny, take a listen for yourself.


“45 group texts, 50 group DMs / Send another text asking if I’ve seen them”

Coming from someone who hates answering their phone, I was hooked on this lyric the instant that I heard it. I think it’s interesting to watch your phone blow up with all these messages that you know you’re not going to answer, only to get a final message asking “hey, did you get my text?”.

“800db cloud”

“Burnt me one too many times like a tree, yeah / Now there’s fire raining down on your screams, yeah”

Although this record is primarily very experimental pop oriented, there are tinges of other genres, one of them being emo (which happens to be one of my favorite). This part was a rather darker point in the record and one that I appreciate because it’s very real. We’ve all been continuously “burned” by someone at some point in our lives and I like the way this is revengeful, in the sense that I will use what you used to hurt me against you. Basically, what goes around comes around.

“Stupid Horse”

“Stupid horse, I just fell out the Porsche / Lost the money in my bank account“

This line could mean a lot of things but the main thing I can take away from it is materialism. In today’s day and age, it’s a rather common thing for people to flash all of their pricey, designer items on the internet. Cars are especially one of them. A Porsche, being a luxury car that the average person probably wont buy is definitely a purchase that will drain your bank account. It’s also a car that has a horse on it’s logo. It seems like the narrator is trying to flash this lifestyle that she can’t actually pay for, and isn’t able to keep up with. Falling out of your car could signify losing control or just being unstable. It’s an interesting insight to the idea of modern materialism and the way we portray all of our expensive belongings.

“Hand Crushed By A Mallet”

“I was trying to find a way to kill time / I didn’t even get to tell you goodbye”

The phrase “killing time” is normally used to imply that you have nothing to do and are trying to find a way to pass the time, but this line struck me as something else. This time around, it seems like they’re trying to stop time instead of waste it, which isn’t what the regular implication would be. I found it brought a different perspective to the phrase which I can relate to.

“gec 2 U”

“Dishes are piling up but that’s cool / Cause at least we got food / Yeah everything’s piling up / But that’s cool, that’s cool”

There are times when the stressors of life really get to you and everything seems to be too much to handle. I really like the way this is put in the metaphorical sense that life’s problems are like the dishes. The sink might be full of dishes, but at least that means we have food and we’re not going hungry. Despite some of the negatives that occur, we always have something to be grateful for. This is one of the more meaningful moments on the record and one that I try to consider at least every day.

Lyrical Highlights

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