Harry Styles – Fine Line – Lyrical Highlights

Harry Styles’ sophomore album is truly something wonderful. From moments that are very rock n roll inspired, to stunning vocals and melodies, to some of the prettiest guitar pieces I might have ever heard, this record has it all. I might be a little biased considering Harry was always my favorite member of One Direction, but nonetheless, I can spot a good record when I hear it. Now, I could go on and on about the musical portion of this thing but what I find truly remarkable about this project is the lyrical content that came with it. For a very long time, I used to this that intricate and long lines were what made up great lyrics. Longer lyrics were great and the more intricate or ridiculous the phrasing was made it even better. But sometimes, short, one liners really do make for some of the best lyrical moments, and lucky for us, this album is full of them.



“I noticed that there’s a piece of you in how I dress / Take it as a compliment”

               We, as people, all influence one another in one way or another without even noticing it. Whether it be dressing in similar outfits or talking in a similar manner or even eating the same food, we are all basically just our own mix of little pieces from others. Especially considering the amount of time you might spend with someone, both of you will definitely be taking characteristics from each other and develop them in your own way. From one perspective, some may see this as “copying” but from another, it’s just human nature. We become so easily irritated when we think that someone has slightly stolen a way of being that wasn’t even that unique to us to begin with, without considering that it really is a good thing that they’re influenced by us.


“And I get the feeling that you’ll never need me again”

              Something so simple, yet it needs to be said. At the end of any relationship, it’s absolutely a jarring thought to think that this person will no longer be needing any part of you anymore. This is such a hard feeling to acknowledge that it took me a dozen times of re-reading this line to really get a grip on it.

“To Be So Lonely”

“Do you think it’s easy being of the jealous kind?”

              Many of us might agree that being jealous is easy and that not caring is the hard part. However, I’ve come to believe that quite the opposite is true and that might be what this line is trying to convey. To be jealous means you must care quite a bit and it takes a lot of effort to care for someone else like that. And by putting in a question format instead of a statement allows the listener to decide what they believe to be true.

“Sunflower, Vol 6”

“I love this shade, sunflower, sunflower / Your flowers just died, plant new seeds in the melody / Let me inside, I wanna get to know you”

              There are many themes throughout this project about recognizing feelings that you may want to push away and this is probably my favorite portrayal of that idea. “I love this shade” could be taken in a few different ways; shade as in being shielded from the sun, or shade as in a color. Either way, it’s a nice representation of enjoying spending time with someone. “Your flowers just died, plant new seeds in the melody” could be translated to the other person letting down their guard and starting over to begin a new relationship. And to end it off, the simplest line to bring the idea full circle is literally saying to give them a chance. “I wanna get to know you” is stunningly simple; whereas this line could have been referring to this person’s looks I particularly like the notion of actually getting to know someone instead of alluding to their beauty or other characteristics.

“Fine Line”

“Put a price on emotion / I’m looking for something to buy”

              We’ve all been in a spot where we spend money because we’re feeling upset or even careless, or spend it on other people expecting them to like us a little more. And even though we do this type of thing literally all the time, I don’t think we ever bring to the light what we’re actually doing. The words “emotion” and “buy” being so close together demonstrates that relationship between how you’re feeling (or how you want to feel) and how much money you’re willing to spend.

Lyrical Highlights

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