Terror Jr – Bop City 2 – Lyrical Highlights

“Bop” is a modern day slang term used to describe a good song, and I can say with certainty that Bop City 2: TerroRising is full of them. Synth laden backing layered with light, smooth vocals mixed with memorable pop melodies make this concoction irresistible. At their core, each song is so genuinely fun and bright when it comes to the instrumental, even if the lyrical content isn’t. The entire record is a perfect epitome of the modern young adult; with themes from plastic surgery, drugs, relationships, social media and self awareness, listening to this record is like seeing little flashes of what encompasses the daily routine of a twenty something year old in the 21st century. It’s dark at times and definitely a little messed up, but then again, aren’t we all?



“Ive been running from the moon since I got burned by the sun”

It’s a common misconception that teenagers and young adults stay up too late and sleep durning the day. But nobody really asks why. It could be that during the day, going to school and work is what takes up all of our schedule. Being “burned by the sun” could mean being burnt out from daily activites or just burend in the sense that you’re hurt from an argument at work or a bad grade. Night time is sometimes the only time you truly get to yourself, where you don’t have to worry about anything. Running from the moon could imply that you don’t want the night to end, because when it does, the daily routine starts all over again and the misery begins.

“You don’t gotta be yourself tonight / Most people don’t know how to do that”

We all know at least a few people who portray themselves in a fashion that really isn’t genuine to who they are, whether it be in real life in certain situations or online over social media. Undoutedly, we’re all like this to some degree but I can relate to the fact that some people take it too far. At a certain point, most of these people probably end up losing their entire sense of identity if they keep it up long enough.


“I know that I’ve been hard to read / But I tell no lies / I can’t just think nationally / The whole world should be mine”

The rest of this song lyrically is about a relationship but what I find the most interesting is this second verse. It could be alluding to so many things, one of them being this lifestyle that our narrator has, or is trying to acehvie. Being “hard to read” signifies a sense of mystery about our narrator but with the “I tell no lies” part, she’s demonstrating that the ambiguity that surrounds her isn’t fake. The idea of what she’s doing, where she is and how she got this far is a prominent thought but then again, she doesn’t have to explain that to us. And at the end of it, she wants more and more recogniztion. After all, the goal is to have the entire world’s attention, isn’t it?

Talking to Myself:

“Couple Olsens in the pool, big house yeah it’s full / Take a swim with some power tools and my molecules / I’m a butterfly with some cat eyes / I’m a submarine under a limousine”

This is probably the hardest line on the entire record to decipher but one that I find the most intriguing. Truth be told, even after trying to find out what it means, I still don’t think I understand it, but I’ll give it a shot. There is the obvious reference to 90’s sitcom Full House and it seems like they’re throwing a house party. But by throwing power tools in the swimming pool we can sense a feeling of resentment towards your friends in the pool, quite possibly a metaphor for disliking them and wishing they weren’t there. With the next line “I’m a butterfly with cat eyes” we can tell that our narrator is graceful but stealth like. I’m going to assume that being a “submarine under a limousine” is another way to describe being sneaky but well put together at the same time.


“You an tell them that you ride / But you aint gon die / Could flex all up on them socials / But you ain’t that high”

These lines seem to allude to that social media “star” who really isn’t a star at all. We all know one (or two, or three, or twenty). It descrbes the transparency of these people, but first pointing out that they’re not “ride or die”, indicating that they’re essentially not worth it. Then it really goes in for the kill, saying that you might be able to post about how great you are and all these things you might own but we all know it’s not true. 

“F****n’ hoes with my sweatpants on”

Basically our narrator is saying that even when shes dressed down in sweats shes still better than all of these fakes on the internet.

Lyrical Highlights

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