Evanescence – “Bring Me To Life” – Live 2003

Evanescence’s “Bring Me To Life” was a song that fit perfectly into the 2000’s “emo” culture but was surprisingly one that was loved by more than just the emo kids. It was a smash hit, peaking in the top ten in worldwide charts along with receiving a Grammy award for Best Hard Rock Performance. Even to this day, this song is still widely known, not just as being an essential pop song, but as a fundamental song for the future of the rock genre as well. The way this track was so close to being a product of the times but managed to outlive that label makes it even more remarkable. But although the song itself is a timeless piece of work, this performance definitely dates itself; yet, I think that’s exactly why I like it.

First things first: the outfits. Lead singer Amy Lee is wearing a combination of a striped tube top, tulle skirt, arm warmers and pearls. It is so wonderfully early 2000’s like, and the rest of the band fits that mold as well. The most interesting thing about early 2000’s fashion was the funny oppositions between so many crazy layers and plain ensembles consisting of just pants and jackets.  We’ve got both sides here in this performance and I couldn’t be happier about it. Another thing that adds to the overall look, and more importantly feel, of the performance is the fact that they’re doing all of this in an empty carnival. The bright carnival lights bring happy memories with it, and while adding the almost dismal song lyrics to go along with it would normally create a divide, this stays perfectly in tune. It’s more of a backdrop than a scenery which keeps the two concepts from intermingling too far to the point where they clash against each other.  And, everything else put aside, the group sounds simply amazing. When it comes to the overall sound of the performance (which some might argue is more important than the look), the group is perfectly coordinated and in tune.

Even though this show is clearly from a very specific era, that doesn’t diminish its impact a single bit. In fact, I find it sometimes to be more difficult to put together a piece of art and allow it to reflect an exact moment in time. This performance was a genuine portrayal of what 2003 was like, and if I’m being honest, I wish we could go back to it sometimes. Also being one of the groups earlier performances, it’s interesting to see how much they’ve grown and changed in the years to come. Timelessness is a redeemable characteristic but you don’t have to be timeless to be impactful.

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