Nicole Millar – “Reborn” (Kids See Ghosts Cover)

Kids See Ghosts, which consists of popular hip hop artists Kid Cudi and Kanye West released their debut LP in the summer of 2018. No singles were released but a few songs did manage to hit the music charts, with “Reborn” being one of them. This probably is one of the most captivating and revealing songs where both artists discuss their struggles and health issues. The instrumental is soft and simple, and it’s overall a very uplifting track despite some lyrics of sadness.

I came across this cover a long time and ago and it popped back into my mind recently. Nicole Millar is a Canadian/Australian pop artist who took a try at this song, and her version is absolutely lovely. This take  features slightly different instrumental, including horns, more percussion and denser background vocals. But the thing that stays the same are all of the vocal melodies and relaxed feel of the track. This is actually so important because where many artists try too hard to make other songs their own, she stayed within the main parameters of the track and excelled beyond words. The music is perfect, her vocals are perfect and the overall delivery of it is stunning. Covers really aren’t easy but with this performance, Nicole Millar definitely makes it seem like that’s the case.

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