Justin Bieber – Changes – Memorable Moments

Justin Bieber’s first release in almost five full years was, well, less than exciting, to say the least. I had high hopes for this record and even I must admit that after a full listen, I can say with certainty that I expected a lot better. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the record is a total disaster; because although many people will argue that it’s atrocious, I can’t help but think that it does indeed have some extremely redeemable qualities. For one, Justin’s vocals have improved tremendously. Whether it be because of practice or autotune, honestly, I don’t even care. He’s hitting notes and expanding vocally to places that we haven’t been to it years, and it’s nice to hear the effort. For another thing, where the record falters in terms of production, in excels terms of content. It feels like Justin is in a really good spot in his life and seems genuinely happy, and that truly matters a lot more than a well done album does. Besides, there are a few really great tracks on here that don’t deserve the bad reputation that the entire project is receiving.

P.S. – “Yummy” really isn’t that bad of a song, stop hating y’all.



The guitar on this song is absolutely lovely and there is no denying that. I like that it’s very simple, with minimal production that really put the lyrics and vocals on display. Justin sings about waiting for his lover to arrive so they can spend time together and it’s honestly just a sweet, cute song about actually liking somebody. His vocals on this one are also wonderful and so lively, smoothly moving from each part with nice backing harmonies that accompany them. This song is very well produced without any falters, is very balanced and was definitely worth going through the entire record just to finally get to this one.


This song features probably some of my favorite vocals on the entire project, where he’s hitting high notes and making it sound so easy. “Changes” also features a stripped down acoustic guitar backing, again with minimal instrumental. It’s lyrically about trying to be the best person you can be, and truly feels like a movie at times. It also features a nice sing along moment during the bridge, which is just a plus during live performances.

“That’s What Love Is”

I’d be surprised if this song isn’t going to be played at weddings soon. It talks about finding your true love backed with very pretty Spanish guitar and smooth vocals. It’s simple yet satisfying, cute without being corny, and above all, feels very genuine.

Memorable Moments

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