The Neighbourhood – “Baby Came Home” – Song Discussion

Do you ever hear a song so captivating that you play on it on repeat a few times more because it’s just that good? That’s this one right here. “Baby Came Home” is one of three songs featured on the Neighbourhood’s 2013 EP I’m Sorry…, and is a song that demonstrates the bands genre bending skills with their ability to make any song incredibly infectious. With three studio albums and numerous other EP’s in their discography, this could easily get lost among the rest of the songs. But although you might have to do some sifting to find it on listening platforms, I promise it’s one that you won’t have to think hard to remember.

The Neighbourhood are probably best known for their dark pop vibe, which they’ve managed to transform smoothly into other genres ranging from pop, rap/hip hop, and indie. This one, however, is one of my favorites, simply because of the rock and roll guitar backing that’s featured at the end. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself; the song initially starts off slow with a relaxed guitar riff, an easy going drum beat and calm vocals. It slowly stars to build upon itself, adding slightly more backing synth instrumentation during the second chorus along with more prominent drumming. After the second chorus though is where things get really fun and the song explodes with a cool guitar part remincent of 1960’s rock and layered vocals. Just that forty five seconds is something I could listen to on repeat all day. But before you even know it, the song ends just as softly as it began, finishing off with the guitar that first introduced us and a soft fadeout.

The general music portion of the song is interesting enough but when it comes to the lyrics, it becomes even more so. The song appears to be about a girl cheating on her boyfriend, but who also wants to leave the place she’s currently at. She seems to be someone who constantly moves around, meeting new people along the way and leaving them when it’s all over. The way these lyrics are presented to us, we can tell that our narrator is desperate for her, and is just waiting for her to come back even though she’s already broken off their relationship and told him that her boyfriend knows she’s cheating. At first, the vocals are rather quiet for the first few verses, but once we get to the bridge, the intensity of this situation is most evident. The vocals become loud and layered all over each other, with him saying that “she’s mine” and reiterating the first verse which signified the existence of her boyfriend in the first place. The song ends with him repeating “she’s mine” until it fades out and leaves us on a cliffhanger, wondering what is going to happen next.

This is one of the bands best songs for plenty of reasons but my favorite aspect of it is how easily it conveys the emotion of desperation and longing. It tells a story through all of these little pieces that fit impeccably well with the others, whether it be the guitar backing, the vocal tone or organization of the lyrics, the song flows from start to finish and remains incredibly exciting the whole way through. This band excels at creating songs that feel like mini movies; truthfully, they don’t even need a music video to go with because many of them are so easily felt and understood. But out of all of them, this one is absolutely in their top ten, and is one that never grows old, and remains a hidden gem in the groups discography.


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