Paramore – Single Rankings

The mid to late 2000’s wouldn’t have been the same without Hayley Williams and her bright red hair, and her bands hit single “Misery Business”. Paramore had just released their second album when they saw massive success with that song, which still lives on to this day, but since then, they’ve released plenty of more singles and changed up their sound numerous times. Even though the band doesn’t sound exactly the same from their pop punk debut All We Know Is Falling, orienting themselves around an 80’s pop vibe with their most recent release After Laughter, the band has never lost touch of who they are. They have a knack for creating extremely cohesive, well written, energetic pop rock tunes and they’re a rarity in the music world considering they haven’t put out a single bad record. That made ranking all 23 of these songs a lot more difficult, since they’re each wonderful in their own right and have their own place on their respective studio album. But, even though I changed my mind a million times while trying to put this list together, I think I’m content with my decisions. I present to you, a ranking of every single released by rock band Paramore. (Remember, these are just opinions, don’t get so worked up about it).


#23. “Caught In The Middle”

#22. “Now”

#21. “Hallelujah”

#20. “Still Into You”

#19. “Rose Colored Boy”

#18. “Daydreaming”

#17. “The Only Exception”

#16. “Hard Times”

#15. “All We Know”

#14. “Misery Business”

#13. “Emergency”

#12. “Crushcrushcrush”

#11. “Playing God”

#10. “That’s What You Get”

#9. “Pressure”

#8. “Decode”

#7. “Monster”

#6. “Told You So”

#5. “Ignorance”

#4. “Fake Happy”

#3. “Brick By Boring Brick”

#2. “Ain’t It Fun”

#1. “Careful”

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