Mariah Carey – 2006 Grammy Performance

Mariah Carey is an artist that has it all: clear talent, an amazing stage presence, superb live vocals and the best gowns and outfits. Whereas most artists are only able to check off one of these boxes, she’s got the whole package AND she makes it all look so effortless. She’s an artist that I have always adored and enjoyed watching perform, because she’s so well put together and elegant, refraining from using too many effects or backup and simply letting her talent speak for itself. And when it comes to her talent, we can undoubtedly agree that it’s all there, even when it might not seem so obvious. After 2001’s Glitter and 2002’s Charmbracelet, many had thought that Carey’s career was heading downhill, and questioned her ability to stay relevant in the 2000’s. Sure, she had immense success in the 90’s but this was a new age and it didn’t look like she could keep up. Come 2005, and she’s proved everyone wrong. With The Emancipation of Mimi, Carney not only garnered ten (TEN!!!) Grammy nominations, but she also had the best selling album of the year AND the best selling song of the year with “We Belong Together”, on top of the album debuting at number one on the Billboard 200. Exhilarating is an understatement when I think about how well this record was received after a few rough years in her career. To have a comeback that strong is almost unheard of, but I guess when you’re Mariah Carey, anything is really possible. This performance right here is specifically from that Grammy performance in 2006, where she performed a medley of “We Belong Together” and “Fly Like A Bird”. She not only looks stunning, but she looks genuinely happy. This performance means so much because it’s ridiculously uplifting, coming from an entertainer that most people thought wasn’t going to coming back nearly this strong. Love her or hate her, Mariah Carey has proven that she’s here to stay and I can say with confidence that if she were to ever leave, nobody would be able to fill her place.

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