Selena Gomez – Kiss & Tell – Track Rankings

Before Selena Gomez was just Selena Gomez, she had a band called The Scene and I forgot (along with many others, probably) that her first three albums were technically under the name Selena Gomez and The Scene and that it differs from her solo work. Nonetheless, I want to talk about her first project with the band, a pop rock album titled Kiss & Tell. Most will remember this album by the singles “Falling Down” and “Naturally”, the latter of which still play in grocery stores to this day, or by the music videos that were shown between commercials on the Disney Channel. Selena’s first attempt in the music world was quite honestly not that extraordinary. This was a pretty classic record from the late 2000s and I’m sure we can all agree that the vocals aren’t necessarily stunning, nor is the lyrical content. But the one redeemable quality this record does have is it’s liveliness and energetic rock tinged, pop constructed tunes. All of these songs are so entertaining and relatable, along with having some incredible longevity. Lots of these tracks are listenable to this day, even if they do sound like they’re from a very particular time in music history. This album is so overlooked and probably very forgotten about, so I just want to take this moment to rank the tracks and discuss the good qualities they have to offer.


#13. “The Way I Loved You”

#12. “Kiss & Tell”

#11. “I Promise You”

Pretty and smooth.

#10. “Crush”

This almost sounds like a knockoff version of Paramore, and I say that will all due respect. It’s one of the heaviest rock songs on the record and although it doesn’t have the best lyrics, it’s sonically an outstanding song.

#9. “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know”

#8. “Falling Down”

Pure pop goodness.

#7. “I Won’t Apologize”

This almost sounds like something that would play in the opening scene of a movie from the early 2000’s and I’m not even mad about it. It’s not oversaturated or heavy with too much guitar, and features some of the best vocals on the project.

#6. ”Stop & Erase”

#5. “I Got U”

One of the best produced songs on here, from the little chime (?) effects, background vocals, guitar solo, and all the techniques used to make this one so exciting.

#4. I Don’t Miss You At All”

Quite electronic heavy and one of the best breakup songs I’ve ever heard.

#3. “Naturally”

The buildup in this song and dance feel are so perfect and doesn’t feature any guitar or percussion moments, letting us have an upbeat dance number among the rest of the rock heavy songs.

#2. “As A Blonde”

I like the idea this song presents about being able to change yourself and becoming a new person. It’s just such a fun, infectious track and even still resonates with my adult self just as much as it did with my teenage self.

#1. “More”

This song is so well done in literally every department. It’s so dynamic in the way that the verses are a slow burn, the pre chorus is an acoustic based quick interlude and then the chorus explodes with such energy it’s impossible to sit down while it plays. The vocals are outstanding and perfectly layered with just enough echoes and background effects. This song easily serves as the epitome of the record and absolutely should have been released as a single.

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