The 1975 – I Like It When You Sleep… – Track by Track Album Discussion

I vividly remember the time when this record was being released back in 2015 and 2016. I anxiously waited for the days the singles would be released, and then the music videos. But February 26th was the most important day of them all. After my college class, I took a thirty minute bus to where my car was parked (I lived in the dorms at the time and had to park my car on a lot far away from campus), drove ten minutes to Target, wasted no time finding a physical copy of the CD, drove ten minutes back to the lot, waited probably ten more minutes for the bus to arrive, and rode half an hour back to my dorm. Then, I sat down alone and stared nervously at my new CD. 2016 was a time to be alive, let me tell you. The nervousness came because this album was so different and weird. The 1975’s second effort showed us a completely different side of the band; where their debut was darker and kind of emo, this album was just as bright as the pink cover art assumes. Brighter guitars, more pop melodies, and an overall zanier feel at times come together to form I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It, a project that is adventurous as it is insane.


The 1975″

I don’t care for these intro songs, truthfully I don’t understand the need for them but that’s just me.

“Love Me”

This song hit me like a bus when I heard it for the first time because it was such a startling difference than what I was used to from the group. It took me a while to get used to, but once I did I couldn’t get enough of the guitar hook and craziness of it all. It might not be the most loveable song initially (as ironic as that sounds, considering the title of the track), but it’s undeniable how well produced this one is.


The catchiest song about cocaine and drug addiction I have probably ever heard.

“A Change of Heart

Parts of this entire record is reminiscent of 80’s pop and this one just begins to skim the surface of that feel. Although I don’t think this one is too memorable sonically, it is one on the record that is standout in terms of lyrics.

“She’s American

An 80’s inspired bop, this song easily became a fan favorite and for some pretty obvious reasons. It pokes fun at American girls while also being insanely catchy and perfectly produced. (On another note, will we ever see the video for this song?)

“If I Believe You”

This is a haunting song analyzing aspects of religion and going back and forth between believing in God and not believing. It’s a very slow burn of a song and what I like best about this song is that it’s not just a tune, it’s also a feeling. The tension is undeniable but it’s also thought provoking, yet calm.

“Please Be Naked”

I’m really not into any of these songs that are purely instrumental. They all sounds very nice but instead of being interludes or small breaks between songs, I find that they can become very distracting.


This one rebounds off of “Facedown” from their 2012 EP of the same name and even though I wish it had ore of a lyrical content, it’s still a nice continuation of the original track.

“The Ballad Of Me And My Brain”

Coming in second place as one of the craziest songs on here right behind “Love Me”, this song is a trip the entire way through. It opens up with angelic backing vocals and sparkly bells, and Matty singing “I think I’ve gone mad / Isn’t that so sad?”. The instrumental begins to add some electric guitar pieces and percussion, picking up and slowing down, and ending almost as if nothing had even happened.

“Somebody Else”

A song veering on the edge of six whole minutes would normally make me antsy but this song is a treat from the first second to the last. It’s all about jealously tethered around the 80’s pop vibe we’ve been following with modern indie pop/rock influences. The entire track is immaculately produced but the bridge part is where things get even better. With slight vocal effects and a smooth synthesizer solo, we’re leaded into one more chorus before the song fades out with some of the best instrumental on the entire record.

“Loving Someone”

This is probably hands down my second favorite instrumental on this entire record. It’s sparkly but intense, and creates such a weird sense of urgency while also being extremely pleasant to listen to. It’s also lyrically a wonderful song, with some of the best lines on the entire record.

“I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it”

These songs that are mainly just instrumental come off as filler songs to me most of the time, and don’t revisit them very often, if ever. Despite it begin a very sonically pleasant track, it just doesn’t really go anywhere.

“The Sound”

This band is great at making catchy pop tunes and this one right here is a prime example. The sing along chorus and the catchy piano, all met with the energetic guitar solo when we reach the bridge is so well done that there really isn’t anything to complain about on this one.

“This Must Be My Dream”

This is one of my favorite tracks to listen to at night while I’m driving, specifically because that saxophone solo makes me feel like I’m in a movie, driving through San Francisco, and living my best life. It’s layered so well, with wonderfully produced guitar riffs, bell noises, a strong beat and perfectly enough synthesizer to make this song feel like a literal dream.


Another song about cocaine addiction, but where “UGH” is eccentric, this one takes on a dreamier tone. But despite the rather calm vibe it beings, the song manages to step outside of that dream world and take on a life of its own. The lyrics tell a variety of little stories where the drug is the main character of it all, set in the city of love: Paris, France. It’s a strange song where instead of romanticizing addiction specifically, the addiction becomes a person of its own, which manages to convey the message of what it’s trying to portray.


As the records nears the end, we see the band ditching the effects and heavy instrumental and instead opt for soft acoustics. This one led by a soft guitar riff and a slight buildup with extra percussion and slight humming. Lyrically, it’s about lead singer Matty Healy’s grandmother who died, and it’s raw and sad, yet so pretty and very heartfelt. It does a good job at toning down the record just when it might become start to feel overdone.

“She Lays Down”

Another refreshing acoustic based track that makes you feel like you’re living in a cabin in the woods. It sounds like it was record that way as well, and does a nice job at closing out this dynamic record.


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