Keith Urban – Golden Road – Memorable Moments

Although I like to consider myself as a person who enjoys all sorts of music, there is one genre that I’ve never been able to get into and that is country. Now, to be specific, I only dislike modern country. There is quite the difference between old country, country rock or even country pop. But basically starting from 2000 to modern day, country music released during this time frame just doesn’t do it for me. I find it to be extremely repetitive and I don’t enjoy the lyrical content either, but overall I think that I just don’t relate to it. Whereas most of it is acoustic based and relaxed, I am more into screeching electric guitar and I have no chill. Regardless, there is some country music that I do find very enjoyable, however seldom that does occur. And while trying to pick an album to listen to, Keith Urban came to mind, in particular the song “You’ll Think Of Me”. That song was one that I remember from my childhood even though I didn’t find out who Keith Urban even was until a long time after. Regardless, I still love that song so I decided to listen to the entire project it’s contained on called Golden Road. And while I can’t say I was thrilled by it, I did come across a few songs that I really did enjoy. So, I just wanted to take this moment to highlight some of the tracks that I found to be outstanding from Keith Urban’s 2002 release, Golden Road.


“You Look Good In My Shirt”

This is a VERY county sounding track but it immediately caught my attention. The thing I liked most about this one was how it feels like a live performance with the spoken sing along vocals, and how lively and fun it is. The guitars are so energetic and just like the rest of my picks, it feels very genuine and perfectly executed, never feeling overdone.

“You’re Not My God”

This is probably the most early 2000s sounding song on the entire record and I love every minute of it. In this one, Keith Urban sings about addiction and recovery, and something about it just reminds me of such a specific point in time. The intro guitar part and chorus melodies are lovely, and the lyrics are very well written and come off as very genuine.

“Song For Dad”

 Most of the songs on here are just about love and that sort of thing but there are also a handful of moments that stray from that theme. With this one in particular we see Keith Urban discussing his good relationship with his father and provides us with a positive take on a story that normally ends in negativity. It’s also a socially beautiful track that is tinged with pretty violins, acoustic and electric guitars. The meaning behind it coincides with the meaning of it so perfectly and never does it come off as corny.

“You’ll Think Of Me”

 I originally didn’t want to talk about this one just because I do feel like it’s the most memorable from this album already, but I did just want to point something out about it. This song resonated with me so heavily throughout the years by the relatable lyrics, but the thing that I liked best about it was how it’s not just entirely country sounding. If you listen closely, there are some really nice pop inspired melodies and wonderful almost folky background sounds that keep this one from sounding like everything else, along with it just being a very well produced track overall.

Memorable Moments

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