Ashley Tisdale – “Say My Name” – Cover

As someone who grew up in the prime of Disney Channel in the mid 2000’s, Ashley Tisdale was someone that was always in my life in one way or anther. Whether I was watching High School Musical or her other various Disney shows or listening to her music, I can say that I’ve been a fan of hers for well over ten years at this point. Her music was something I especially liked and even now as an adult I can say that I’m still able to enjoy what she’s put out in the past with Headstrong and Guilty Pleasure without it feeling outdated or immature, along with her most recent album Symptoms. I’ve always liked the pop direction she went it and felt that she had a very nice voice. I know that most people think that Disney stars aren’t very talented as singers, and truthfully most aren’t. But Ashely Tisdale is an exception.

Even though she hasn’t been releasing studio albums consistently, she has been uploading covers on her YouTube channel and considering how many other projects she’s been working on, that’s fine with me. One that I came across that I found particularly interesting is this cover of Destiny’s Child where she also brought on another former Disney Channel star, Debby Ryan. I never even knew Debby Ryan sang so this was a pretty exciting cover to hear. And along with the other covers Ashely Tisdale has done, this one does not disappoint. I really enjoyed the way their vocals were soft and simple, both very light and smooth, effortlessly blending together. Backing it up with an acoustic guitar was a perfect choice, although I do have to admit that I would have loved to hear maybe a piano or other touches on instrumental thrown in there as well. Nevertheless, these girls made this song their own with a few vocals runs too, shaking up the original a bit and not keeping it sounding too much like every other cover out there. They’re also not trying too hard and it seems like they’re genuinely having fun with it, which is something I appreciate more than anything when it comes to covers.

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