Kylie Minogue – “Get Outta My Way” – Music Video Discussion

Who else remembers a time in pop culture history when music was brought to us by TV shows instead of streaming services? I do, and one thing I especially remember is the VH1 Top 20 Countdown that happened every Saturday morning. Each week they would count down the top songs and music videos and that was where I came across a lot of the music that I used to listen to. I vividly still remember seeing Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” and Taylor Swift’s “Back To December” music videos on there, and it was something I looked forward to every weekend. The top 20 countdown was also where I first came across Kylie Minogue’s video for her second single from her 2010 album, “Get Outta My Way”. The song itself stuck easily with me because it was a pop dance number with lyrics about getting rid of an old flame that didn’t treat you right. It’s just a very fun song and I enjoyed the meaning behind it; Kylie was named The Princess of Pop for a reason and this song easily explains why. But beyond just the song, another reason it resonated with me all of these years was because of the music video production.

The coolest part of the video and the most notable aspect of it is the way they used lights and choreography to bring the song to life. Kylie and her dancers are vivid and energetic, with sparkling floor and backdrop lights that glisten and move along with them. Their choreography includes chairs and floor work instead of the typical triangle formation routine. He costumes are also spectacular, with sparkly bodysuits and jumpsuits, while her dancers wear simple black ensembles. At the time I had never really seen anything like this and to this day I don’t think anything else has come close. But besides just the basic appearance of the video, one of the most important things about it is how it coincides with the meaning of the song. The song talks about a man who treated Kylie wrong and how she’s letting him go because he’s not worth it. I know many people, including myself, who have stuck around in relationships that are dead ends because you keep thinking they’re going to get better. The meaning of “Get Outta My Way”, however, completely derails that type of thinking with Kylie declaring that she’s leaving this relationship because it’s just not worth it anymore. It’s a powerful and brave move, and I know most people just see it as pop music but it really does go much deeper than that. This feeling of liberation is shown in the video by the sparkles and radiance of the lights, and body language designating that they want you to literally move out of the direction they’re heading in. Everything comes together to create a sense of self worth and strength to make choices for yourself and make yourself happy.

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