Milky Chance – Blossom – Memorable Moments

Way back in 2013, I heard “Stolen Dance” from duo Milky Chance for the first time and just like everyone else, I was instantly hooked. Yet throughout all of those years, I had never listened to any of their full length releases, which was also strange considering I’m a huge fan of the indie genre. So, I chose the groups second studio album, Blossom, to listen to and unfortunately, I did not like much of it. Maybe it’s just not my cup of tea but I found most of it to sound extremely similar and I was bored for most of the duration of the record. However, through it all, I did come across a few songs that I enjoyed quite a bit, and instead of spending more time on an introduction, I’d like to get straight to the point and discuss them now.



The instrumental on this one is so addictive and fun, and it’s one that I have a really hard time trying to explain. It has almost a tropical island type of feel but doesn’t feel like it was made for just the summer months. The production is so smooth and it really doesn’t sound like many other songs on the record, nor does it really sound like many other songs out there in general.

“Cold Blue Rain”

Probably my favorite song on here, this one feels so retro with the old school sounding guitars and a harmonica that gives it an almost country vibe. It’s a slower song among the rest of the high energy tracks and is simply gorgeous in every way, from the vocal melodies to the instrument layers.

“Piano Song”

I’m a sucker for piano backed tracks and besides being a sonically pleasant track, the main thing I enjoyed from this one was how different it was from the rest. Where the others are backed up with guitar riffs and a prominent beat, this one is easy going and sounds like it was recorded in one take. The vocals are perfectly layered to boot, making this one of the most memorable songs on here, despite it’s toned down nature.   

Memorable Moments

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