Dua Lipa – “Do I Wanna Know?” – (Arctic Monkeys Cover)

Dua Lipa is easily one of my favorite newer pop acts. With her distinct vocals and fashion sense that’s a little wacky yet a lot of fun, and well produced songs as well as music videos, she’s got everything it takes to become a major pop star. She just always looks so cool and she makes it all look so effortless, just like she does in this performance right here. Covering the Arctic Monkeys is something that’s a rather common thing, especially “Do I Wanna Know?”, a timeless piece off of their studio album AM. Most other covers of this song that I’ve come across are a bit overbearing, where the artist tries too hard to showcase their talent with excessive vocals or overdone instrumental, resulting in an effort that’s not only ingenuine but hard to listen to. But what makes this cover stick out to me isn’t any of the fancy embellishments that she could have added. On the contrary, I particularly like how she didn’t add many embellishments at all. Donning a simple sweater and joggers, with her hair styled to have a soft wave to it, Dua Lipa looks just like everyone else, and I say that in the best way possible. Instead of going along with a full band, she opted for a simple piano backing. Her vocals are stunning, and even in spots where she could have gone for a high note or an impressive run, she chose to keep it all pretty low key (and she sounds incredible, I’d like to add). Even thought she’s considered more of a pop artist, I really like the ways she still made this performance feel indie, staying true to the original version. This type of versatility isn’t common among pop acts and I hope Dua never loses this sparkle she has going on.

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