Trippie Redd – “Wish” & “Dark Night Dummo” – Live

Trippie Redd is an artist that I came across only recently and the first thing I thought about him was how unconventional he was yet how he fit nicely into the hip hop world. He was interesting, and not just because of the face tattoos. Sure, face tattoos can instantly make a person a little more captivating but the thing that extended beyond that was his vocal delivery and overall persona in his music. “Wish”, a Diplo production featuring Trippie, was the first of his songs that I had heard. The music video was also the first that I had seen him from, and at first I found it easy to label him just as another “emo” rapper, a genre we’ve seen explode in the past few years. The lyrics to this song are obviously somber, with references to Kurt Cobain and lines like “I don’t know how to wish anymore”, but the overall music portion is almost theatrical and dreamy. Trippie’s vocals are so dynamic, where we see him moving in between octaves seamlessly, from rougher parts to more melodic pieces without missing a single awkward moment. Sometimes, it’s even hard to believe it’s just him singing on the track. This live performance was something that especially caught my attention, because it sounds incredibly similar to the recoding and showcases his true talent as an artist. The melodies to the song are gorgeous and so is the orchestra in the background, with just vocals from Trippe to create the full effect. I would say this delivery of the song might even be better than the original.

“Wish” was already good enough but to add onto that performance, we have another one from the same session. This time it’s his collaboration with Travis Scott, titled “Dark Night Dummo”. If I’m being honest, the best way to describe this song is that it’s just a fun hip hop party song. It’s infectious and just really entertaining to sing along to in your car or with friends. And that’s exactly why this one took me by surprise a little bit. Just like the previous track, this one might arguably be better than the original. It sounds amazing with the initial melodies intact and orchestra to back them up, along with the way they made Travis Scott’s verse work with just the instrumental. It flows so nicely and again showcases Trippe Redd’s versatility and talent as a recording artist, performer and vocalist.

Live Performances

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