Janis Joplin – “Cry Baby” – Song Discussion

Janis Joplin had such a raw charisma in her singing that most artists would never let see the light of day. In a world where songs are ravaged in autotune and to be considered a “good” vocalist you have to be able to hit the highest notes possible, one of my favorite things to do is to put on some Janis instead. She was so perfectly rough around the edges, and she was unabashedly her own person. Her posthumous release Pearl features some of her absolute best and one of my favorite songs from her entire discography, titled “Cry Baby”.

“Cry Baby” details the story of a man leaving one woman for another, only to have that woman break his heart and leave him begging for his first love back. This song is so energetic with some great guitar pieces and a lovely piano and even sounds like something so ahead of its time. It’s so natural and easy going sounding where it sounds like it was recorded in take. This track specifically makes me wonder what a talent she would have been.


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