Demi Lovato – “Catch Me” & “Don’t Forget” – Live

Demi Lovato’s older material is some of my favorite music out there. When she first burst onto the scene in the late 2000’s, she had such a cool rock vibe going on that fit her voice so nicely and her older songs are ones that I can still jam out to on a regular basis. But this acoustic performance is almost the opposite, where she’s just singing with her guitar, a small band and some backup singers, and I think that’s why I like it. “Catch Me” is a non single featured on her 2009 release Here We Go Again and “Don’t Forget” is the final single from her debut of the same name. The only other songs included during this 2012 intimate performance were from her third album released the year prior titled Unbroken, so I find it interesting that they chose a medley of these two particular songs. However, I do find these two to be some of the most liked songs on these records, with nice choruses melodies and sweet lyrics about love. The way they’re mixed together is so relaxed and they make a lot of sense together sonically. This isn’t even nostalgic; it’s simply just a wonderful mix of two great songs.

Live Performances

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