Danity Kane – Welcome To The Dollhouse – Memorable Moments

Can I just start off by saying that I always thought tis groups name was “Dainty” Kane, not “Danity” Kane? Literally for the past ten plus years I have been saying their name wrong and I’m still trying to process that. Anyway, Danity Kane was a girl group that rose to fame in the mid to late 2000’s, with both of their first and second albums reaching the number one spot on the charts. Despite their success, I had never actually heard of them until a while later when their single “Damaged” became a hit and I had never even listened to any of their studio albums until this year. Hearing this music back is so strange because there are times where it most definitely sounds like the late 2000s to the point where the feeling of nostalgia is almost overwhelming. But then there are also moments where the production is phenomenal, their vocals are seamlessly blended and the hooks are catchy and fun. “Welcome To The Dollhouse” in particular received mixed reviews from critics, which I can understand. But you have to take a look at this from a different perspective, and when you do, I can guarantee you’ll find some fantastic pop songs that have managed to live far beyond the 2000’s.


“Strip Tease”

The production on this one is probably my favorite on the entire project. The verse and chorus have some insanely catchy melodies and harmonies, with an almost Halloween feel at times, and the bubbly, beatboxing sounding beat pairs very nicely with it. Besides just being sonically pleasant, this song is incredibly ambitious and would have served as a single if more were released.

“Bad Girl”

This is another one with a slightly darker, Halloween-ish feel but it’s in all the right places to keep it from sounding childish. It also features Milly Elliot so you know it’s going to be good.


Whereas most of this record is based on dance pop, this track caught my attention because it started off with a piano, which is something I didn’t expect to hear at all. The drumming on here is absolutely wonderful, you can even hear a guitar towards the end, and the vocals on this one are probably some of the best out of all the tracks. Another contrast when comparing it to the other songs is when it comes to the lyrics; pretty much every other song is about sex and parties, but this one is based around a rather serious sounding breakup. “Poetry” shows the groups diversity and ability to venture out into different themes and sounds, all while refraining from diverting too far from their signature pop sound.

Memorable Moments

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