Tink – Winter’s Diary 4 – Lyrical Highlights

One day while I was researching hip hop/rap albums to listen to, I came across Tink’s Winter’s Diary 4 on a handful of other websites and was instantly captivated. Her name was cool, the cover art was cool, and I particularly enjoy the idea of series’ when it comes to records, singles or the like. Her collection of Winter Diaries are all classified as mixtapes and are all self released. Each one has such a personal touch to them; instead of her just telling us her story, it feels like we as listeners are actually able to step into the scenery ourselves and fit into this tale she’s woven. I shouldn’t even call it a “tale” actually; these songs are all built up from real life experiences that we’ve all been through and are conveyed with such emotion that it’s impossible not to relate to in some way or another. When it comes to the fourth installment to this series, Winter’s Diary 4 does not disappoint, and besides the immaculate production, the way the songs are written is another thing that has kept me going back to this one. Each song feels like it’s own chapter and one by one they pass like pages in a book that feels like a complete autobiography at the end. Through themes of partying, sex, self assurance, heartbreak and many others, this collection is raw unlike any other, and burns with emotional intensity that other artist just aren’t able to recreate.


“All Falls Down”

“You hate when I get high, but I’m just feelin’ low inside
I’ve been paranoid, it’s colder than North Dakota
Would they still think I’m hot if I drove in this blue Toyota?”

I think that especially in our modern world we put a lot of emphasis and pressure on always having nice things and showing off these nice things, but eventually that becomes exhausting and then where do we go from there? The stress and feelings associated with always needing to have the next best thing can clearly cause a lot of paranoia and insecurities. Cars are one thing in particular that are seen as a status symbol, where having a nicer car means more friends, more people liking you, and being more attractive in general. The last line stuck out to me among the rest because it seems like Tink is wondering if people will consider her achievements first or completely forget what she’s capable of and disregard her if she drives a basic car.


“These are Louboutins got more dough than Papa Johns
I deliver to your head, bury bitches cause they dead”

This song is one of my favorites from the entire mixtape because of witty deliveries like these lines right here.

“What Is Real”

“How can you be sorry if you don’t know what you’re sorry for?
How can you be sorry if you don’t know what you’re sorry for?”

Many people that I’ve known in my life say sorry just to say it, not really meaning it and just trying to appease the other person with what they want to hear. And I know this line may sound incredibly simple but I cannot even begin to count all the times either I, a friend, significant other, or family member has said sorry without caring about what they’re apologizing for. The fact that it’s repeated also puts a lot of emphasis on a statement that we could all use a little better understanding of.

“Blood Sweat & Tears”

“Life ain’t nothin’ but a lesson, still studyin’ the craft
Mariana in our crib, 100 million dollar fishes in the glass”

This song was full of really interesting phrases and one that I tried to reason through for a while was this second one right there. “Mariana in our crib” reminds me of Mariana’s Trench, which is the deepest trench on Earth, paired with “100 million dollar fishes in the glass” might allude to the celebrity lifestyle. Mariana’s Trench isn’t an easy place to get to and only a few people have been able to explore it, giving it an unreachable feeling about it. Whether it be emotionally shutting yourself off from others or physically putting yourself away in your house from all the paparazzi or fans recognizing you, the next line about the “fishes in the glass” only adds to that argument, that at times fame can feel like you’re just a display for people to watch you, for your wealth, talent or just general shenanigans.

“I grew up wearin’ hand-me-downs
And shoes already worn around
People like to laugh at pain
But judgin’ off how far I came
I can’t complain, I’m extra blessed”

It really is true that people like to laugh at the pain and misfortune of others and that’s why this statement here is so important. Certain people may try to take you down or make you feel less because you might not have as much as they do, but recognizing how much you’ve achieved and keeping your head high is something that is worth so much more than those things anyway.

Lyrical Highlights

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