Chip Skylark – “Shiny Teeth” – Song Discussion

Ok, I know what you’re thinking; why in the world are you talking about this song out of all the things you could be talking about? And listen here: if you grew up in the 2000s and one of your favorite shows was The Fairly Odd Parents, you’ll remember the bop that was “Shiny Teeth” and the character that was Chip Skylark. In the show, Chip is a singing teen idol who all the girls obsess over and who is just the epitome of cool (they also had a character named Britney Britney pop up every once in a while that resembled a certain princess of pop that I’m sure everyone can guess who). He’s basically the most popular celebrity on the face of the planet and he sings super catchy pop songs, with the best one probably being “Shiny Teeth”.

The song itself is literally just about having nice teeth and being happy about your smile, which in retrospect can come off as conceited to care so much about your appearance but then again, it’s a kids show and it doesn’t have to be that serious. It sounds like something that should play at a carnival, it actually has some very nice melodies, and it feels like a full song rather than a quick jingle made for a cartoon. It’s really just fun, and it’s just as fun hearing it as an adult as it was when I was a kid. But recently, I got to thinking, “Who actually sings that song?”. I realized that I never researched that before and I had a few ideas. My number one guess was that it was probably Jesse McCartney but no, it was not. It was Chris Kirkpatrick.

If that name sounds familiar, it’s probably because Chris Kirkpatrick was in one of the most well known boy bands of all time, *NSYNC. And all these years, I had no idea that he not only sang songs for the show, but he also voiced the character that was Chip Skylark. Something about that was so surprising to me and I think it’s because when it comes to the members of *NSYNC, Justin Timberlake was the most recognized, always in the center and always the one who was expected to make the biggest impact. And while that may have been exactly what happened, I find it interesting how the other members had such a huge impact in other ways, and honestly I think that’s pretty dang cool.


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