Kesha – High Road – Lyrical Highlights

Kesha is easily one of the most important and iconic artists to come out of the 2010’s and the reason for that is actually very simple: she is not afraid to be herself. Throughout her music, Kesha has built up a reputation of being the party girl, the crazy one who rolls around in glitter and says whatever she wants. But the thing is, it’s evident that that is exactly who she is. Kesha never came off as fabricated, mostly because of the genuine insanity of some of her lyrics. She was her own person and she owned every single aspect of herself, but she was also relatable at the same time. She was the party girl next door, who could have fun but also was in touch with her emotions. She was witty and brave, never shying away from uncomfortable topics and while some might have thought she veered on the edge of giving away too much information, she easily spoke about things that everyone else was afraid of. An artist as unabashedly eccentric as Kesha that actually succeeds at creating good music only comes around every once in a while. And with four albums in her discography, I must say that High Road is easily one of her most notable, especially in the way that it is written.


“My Own Dance”

“You’re the party girl, you’re the tragedy / But the funny thing’s I’m f****** everything”

“So the internet called and it wants you back / But could you kinda rap and not be so sad?”

A lot of artists get stuck in the era that they found their initial success in and it’s unfortune that most fans will always see that artist in that way. When Kesha first burst onto the scene, se was making hyper synthesized pop dance tunes, with messy hair and glitter literally everywhere. And it was cool. But that’s all people saw her as and once she started to grow from that and make more emotionally driven and toned down songs like “Praying”, people got confused. And what’s interesting about that is that most fans and critics put their opinions out on the internet thinking that the artist won’t ever see it; but in reality, they do and they’re very well aware of these comments and concerns. But what I really like about this song in particular is that is takes that idea and those negative comments and just throws it right back at those people. With criticisms ranging from “you’re the dumb drunk girl” to “we liked you better before”, Kesha easily wins the argument by saying “Sure I am all of the things you say I am, but I’m also more than that”. She knows her self worth and knows better than to give in to these types of things, and that is also very cool.


“You’re just a copycat, but no one’s buying that / Up on the discount rack, right at the back of a TJ Maxx”

Girls are mean, espeically to other girls and nobody knows that better than Kesha. “Honey” reminds me of “Backstabber” off of her debut Animal which discusses that topic initially, but with this newer track, she has even better cuts than before. If you’ve ever seen the discount counter at TJ MAxx with their red price labels and half broken items, you’ll know exactly what this means.

“Cowboy Blues”

“I can’t help that I’m in bed with my three cats
I’m still obsessed with some boy
I shot whiskey with for one night
And I don’t remember if he remembers me
While I sit here thinking about him”

We all, and I repeat ALL, have fallen in love with a random stranger one night. This is kind of a universal feeling. I’m sure most people end up forgetting about them eventualy but I’m one of those people who doesn’t. My mind lingers on people who probably don’t even remember what I look like and yet, I can’t stop wondering about how they’re doing. It’s reassuring that I’m not the only one who’s like this.


“Say you can’t turn a ho into a housewife / Who wants a housewife who ain’t a ho sometimes?”

One of my favorite songs on this record. I’m just going to leave this one here.

“The Potato Song”

“I used to think my Gucci bag meant my shit was together”

A lot of people nowadays associate having nice or expensive things as having your life together, and most of the time it’s simply not true. But in the same token, it’s rather easy to feel that way. While this song is basically a wish to return to childhood, this line especially tells me that it’s okay to feel accomplished for your nice things, but it’s also okay to feel like a total loser sometimes.

“Father Daughter Dance”

“Somebody to help with a flat tire
Somebody to walk me down the aisle
The worst part of this is I’m not even sad
How do I miss something I never had?”

On one of the most especial songs in her entire discography, Kesha takes a deep dive in to what it’s like to live life without a father, and it’s stunningly sad in the most perfect way. She discusses things that you would normally learn from a father figure like how to fix car problems and reminisces about her wedding where the father traditionally gives away his daughter to her husband. But the last two lines here are probably the most significant, where she openly questions why she is feeling so weird about things she’s never experienced. This feeling is so specific and it’s not remorseful, nor is it longing. It’s just a strange cluster of delusion that can only be explained by someone who’s experienced the same thing.

Lyrical Highlights

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