Janet Jackson – Control

A young woman poses in front of a red background. She is wearing a long black button-up jacket with matching gloves, pants and headdress. The headdress flips her black hair forward over the right side of her face. To her left is a blue trapezoid that tapers downward, and reads "Janet Jackson" above it and "Control" below.

An album that not only revolutionized Janet Jackson’s career but an entire genre of music deserved a cover that was just as attention catching and it definitely got it. Control was a pivotal moment for Janet where we saw her take over her artistry and really become her own person, along with creating a very distinct sound that helped influence numerous other artists down the line. While Janet herself is set is black and white with gold lines drawn around her, the red background is a bold move which demands everyone to look in her direction. To add a little bit of contrast, we even have a little blue trapezoid with her name and the album title around it, but I must say that this artwork is so daring, she could have left her name off the front and everyone would still know how she is. Janet has always appeared so fearless and confident, and this is one of my favorite examples of that.

Cover Art Collection

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