P!nk – “Just Like A Pill” – Live

I remember growing up with P!nk and always thinking how cool she was. Everything about her was edgy: her haircut, her voice, her personality. She seemed so fearless and intimidating from the surface, and extremely brutally honest. But beyond that she consistently showed us the normalities and everyday struggles of her life, most of which we could all relate to. So many of her songs come to mind, especially the older ones like “Don’t Let Me Get Me” or “Family Portrait” from her second studio album Mizzaundaztood. But one song stood out to me in particular and when I started doing a bit of research, it seemed to be the one that stuck around a lot longer the others. “Just Like A Pill” was the third single released from Mizundaztood and is probably the first song I think of one when I think about this record. While looking up live performances of this track, I came across this first one from back in 2007 and then this most recent performance from 2019. Both are amazing and showcase P!nk’s talent as a signer and performer, but the thing I noticed that caught my attention in the newer clip of the song was how the crowd still knew every single world. P!nk barely had to sing the words because the fans still knew them all and their energy is electric. Even through this video, I know exactly what it feels like to be there without even having to be. Both performances are stellar without a doubt, but the main takeaway from this is how impressive the longevity of this song is. Third singles don’t usually receive this type of attention and I’m just very happy that it’s stuck around this long.

Live Performances

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