Stand Atlantic – “Righteous” – Juice Wrld Cover

Juice WRLD was considered an emo rap artist who helped to grow and cultivate the modern emo genre. He really connected with people and I think it’s because he came off as very genuine in all of his songs. When it comes to any part of the emo genre, past or present, I find that the worst aspects of it are the themes of extreme self pity that become extremely unrelatable after a short amount of time. While some artists come off as whiney, Juice never did. He came off more like a comforting friend that listens to and also understands your experiences instead of just complaining.

This cover by Australian pop punk band Stand Atlantic manages to perfectly bridge the gap of pop punk into Juice WRLD’s emo rap world. “Righteous” is the first posthumous single released since his death in December of 2019 which I’m sure would cause a lot of pressure for most artists. But the group delivers it perfectly; they not only made it their own (which is always a plus for a cover song) but they kept the same initial feeling that the original song is conveying.

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