Alicia Keys & John Mayer – Live

Live performances are exciting enough but there is almost nothing as exciting as a live performance with a especial guest. But this show manages to top even that. Alicia Keys’ regularly scheduled performance in New York City was of course going to be fantastic, there’s no doubt about that. She starts off very easy going, with just her and her piano, singing her 2004 hit, “If I Ain’t Got You’. Her voice is phenomenal, and slowly we’re not only introduced to more layers of instrumental, but she brings John Mayer and his guitar on stage a few minutes in. They sing Alicia’s song together but to make things even more interesting, they decided to blend in Mayer’s “Gravity” from his 2006 album Continuum. This eventually turns into a live medley of two of their arguably best and well known songs, with a transition so smooth you would have thought this duet was the original version. This entire nine minute performance is so special, not only because of the meaning of the two songs mixed together, but the way Alicia And John both have such good chemistry on stage. They make performing look so easy and fun, and you can easily see how captivated the crowd is, singing along to every word, despite possibly not even knowing which ones were about to come next.

Live Performances

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