The Maine – “Girls Do What They Want” – Live

Seeing The Maine live is something I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing a few times now, and all I can say is, they are something everyone should experience at least once. Their set is always incredibly fun, so enthusiastic and they manage to make everyone feel important and part of the show. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t know all, or any, of the words; the group is just that good at engaging the crowd and simply having a good time.

And that is exactly where “Girls Do What They Want” comes into play. This track was featured on the bands debut album back in 2008, and is one of their catchiest and most memorable songs to this day. With plenty of sing along moments paired with fun lyrics, this song is a jam, especially when you’re in the crowd with other people all singing it at the same time. But what’s even better about it is the band normally brings up a fan to sing the chorus with them towards the end, making them feel even more like friends instead of untouchable performers. The enthusiasm they’ve built around this track is infectious and this recording does not do it justice. Watching this back makes me nostalgic for live music, especially live music from The Maine.

Live Performances

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