Neck Deep – “Torn” – Cover

Anybody who was around for the late 90s and early 2000s will always remember Natalie Imbruglia’s hit song “Torn” as one of the defining songs of the time. Even hearing it now takes me back to such a specific point in time but listening to it today is actually lovely. The production on this tracks is very simple, just an easy guitar and background vocals filling up the background while Imbruglia’s soft vocals glide smoothly over. It’s aged very well over these years, with really the only defining 90’s characteristic being the guitar riff that closes out the song. And while I know the significance this song holds, I was surprised (and very excited) to hear pop punk band Neck Deep record a cover it. Originally found on a compilation called “Songs That Saved My Life”, featuring cover songs from bands such as Dance Gavin Dance, The Maine and Taking Back Sunday, the decision for this band to choose this song is an interesting one. While other groups picked more rock or indie oriented songs from bands like Death Cab For Cutie and Third Eye Blind, Neck Deep (who are originally form the United Kingdom) chose a pop song from an Australian artist. And honestly, this cover was so great that I’m glad they didn’t pass it up. They brought their classic pop punk sound to it but kept it’s structures essentially the same, from the melodies and hooks, and even did a remake of it’s original music video. It’s nostalgia inducing, sure, but beyond that this performance is one example of what makes a good cover: not completely derailing the original work but also making it unique to you or your band. It’s evident that along with this, Neck Deep has a knack for bringing the right amount of punk to pop songs, and it’s something I hope they do more of in the future.

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