Bring Me The Horizon – “when the party’s over” – Billie Eilish Cover

No matter if you’ve been a fan of Bring Me The Horizon since their metalcore roots or just recently got into the band from their most recent pop inspired album, one thing that’s evident is the groups diversity and incredible talent. It’s very hard to deny that they’re genuinely good at every genre and style they try out: most artists aren’t able to be as dynamic as they are, weather it be inexperience, laziness or just fear. And that’s why when I saw the title of this video that they were covering Billie Eilish, I was very curious with what route they were going to go with it. Eilish’s original is piano backed and very simply produced which really lets her soft voice shine and control most of the song. Bring Me The Horizon’s version captures the same essence as the original, just with an acoustic guitar and lots of lovely background vocals from the entire band. I haven’t come across much material similar to this from the band before, who are best known for their very heavy rock and screaming led songs, but they made this song sound like their own. If I hadn’t known better, I probably wouldn’t have though it was a cover at all.

Covers & Remixes

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