G-Eazy – “I Mean It” – Music Video Discussion

For a song with a chorus that says “If I ever said I f***** your b****, just know I meant it”, I expected the video to be stellar. And honestly, I would say that without a doubt, it has lived up to my expectations. The entire thing teeters between serious and silly, where the basic premise of it is that G-Eazy is a news anchor who is brainwashing the general public into obeying him. It’s a really interesting concept and with the well thought out production makes it feel like a little film instead of a music video. The characters and scenes are a little exaggerated but well timed out, like the scene in the back office of the news station where the two engineers are lined up with the lyrics “Who the f*** is this dude?”, or the scene towards the end of the couple in their bedroom during the lyrics “I’m f****** your girlfriend and there’s nothing you can do about it”. Even the little interview he does with himself is perfectly placed to line up with lyrics about how he’s better than other rappers out there. The scenes are also obviously meant to be exaggerated but the video manages to stay far away from feeling corny or stiff. Rather, watching this video makes me feel like I’m actually living in this world that G-Eazy is taking over. The other production techniques, like the camera zoom ins and the characters facial expressions, not only makes this one extremely entertaining video but also links the concept of the song and the video in a very creative way.

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