Yungblud – “Cardigan” & “I’m With You” – Cover

Interestingly enough, I first heard this cover on the radio and was simply astounded by it’s impeccable organization and delivery, but completely forgot about it until it resurfaced on my YouTube recommendations. And this is one of those things that I could talk non stop about, so the main thing I want to say is how they manage to connect these two songs seamlessly, as if they were meant to be one whole song in the first place. Taylor Swift’s most recent track “Cardigan” mixed with Avril Lavigne’s classic “I’m With You” was an unlikely pairing in theory but worked out so well in practice. The two songs just make sense together, the violins and strings are absolutely lovely and Yungblud hit each note perfectly; really, the only complaint I have is that I wish this cover was longer.

Covers & Remixes

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