AViT – “twitterloser” – Song Discussion

Do you ever hear a tiny snippet of a song in an Instagram video and then become so obsessed that you spend the next hour scouring the internet for it? Or is that just me? Anyway, that’s how I came across “twitterloser” and I’ve been listening non stop ever since. This song takes pieces from life in 2009 and makes it modern, with relatable lyrics and up to date production. The track is basically summed up by the title and by the one lyric in the chorus “You can tweet at me, but don’t expect a follow back”. It’s pretty self explanatory (and contains a lot of F-bombs) but takes us into this social media world where we can clearly see one person is trying to get the attention of someone else over social media, and to no avail because this other person absolutely despises them. Layered in an electronic, pop punk, emo, and hip hop mix of instrumental, it captures every single genre that was popular in 2009 but also has influences of modern production techniques at the same time. This song basically summarizes something every person using social media has experienced making it easily relatable but with it’s slick production and catchy melodies and flows, this tune is sure to stick around for a long time.


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