Eisley – I’m Only Dreaming – Album Discussion

Typically when I sit down to write about an album, I like having all the facts and details in place before I start and I normally spend plenty of time researching words and reworking sentences. But with this one, the music felt so organic and liberating that it didn’t seem right to spend so much time on trying to write a perfect description of. So for this album, I just want to instead write a few words on what I thought about every song instead of trying to over analyze it all. To put it simply, this project is majestic and it’s one that had something for everybody, regardless of genre preference.


“Always Wrong”: very pretty, dreamy indie rock sounding, simple in the best way

“Defeatist”: dreamy, darker instrumental yet optimist at the same time, I love the energy during the choruses and the melodies throughout

“A Song For The Birds”: reminds me of early 2000s pop rock which is fitting because it features Max Bemis from Say Anything, I absolutley adore the guitar on this one

“Sparking”: modern sounding pop song with the groups dreamy, indie rock feel attatched

“My Best Friend”: very pretty and interesting, feels like 2000s pop rock again but I can’t place my finger on it exactly

“Rabbit Hole”: soft and folky

“Louder Than A Lion”: very cool and dark

“You Are Mine”: this intro and the guitar on here is spectacular, the buildup in this song is perfect

“When You Fall”: this song feels like a movie

“Snowfall”: the way this song changes is so well produced, the piano is wonderful, this is probably my favorite song on here

“Brightest Fire”: love the vocal layers, such a nice indie rock song


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