Normani – “Motivation” – 2019 VMAs Live Performance

When it comes to the girl group that was Fifth Harmony, it’s pretty easy to say that Camila Cabello is the most successful. However, I had always heard great things about Normani, and when I say great, I don’t say that lightly. The amount of positive things I had seen others say about Normani does not compare to the other girls of Fifth Harmony, so I was especially exited to see what type of music she’ll put out and which direction she’ll go in. Her first solo single, “Motivation”, became a hit in 2019, and although it was released in August of that year, it managed to be included in various publications as one of the best songs of the year, and the video that accompanied was nominated for various awards as well. It’s a fantastic song if I do say so myself and undeniably deserves the praised it has received. But on top of that, we also get this spectacular live performance of the track from the 2019 MTV VMAs that truly left me speechless.

Everything in this performance is perfect, from the way she and her dancers enter the stage, to the fireworks, choreography, costume changes, and the way they used elements from the music video in this live version. That’s not even including her back walkover, splits and individual dance routine. It’s evident that there was so much preparation and effort put forth to make this a worthwhile show, all coming from an artist that didn’t even have a full length album out at the time. It’s honestly difficult to even put into works how exhilarating this performance is, it’s something you just have to see for yourself. The VMA’s have not been this exciting in years (YEARS) and this show right here reminded everyone what the VMAs used to be. Normani has a really good thing going for her and I am incredibly excided to see where her career takes her.

Live Performances

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