Lana Del Rey – Born To Die (Paradise Edition)

A light-skinned brown-haired woman is dressed in a gold-colored one-piece swimsuit, and is staring forward before a tropical background. The capital-lettered words "Lana Del Rey" are placed above her, while the capital-lettered words "Born to Die" and the script-typeface words "The Paradise Edition" are placed beneath her.

Back when I was in college, my roommate’s favorite artist was Lana Del Rey, and I once remembered her telling me this was her favorite album of hers. So, I went out and bought it on vinyl and make wall artwork out of it, and I remember thinking how I almost wanted to keep it for myself simply because the packaging and design were simply gorgeous. The original cover for Born To Die is aesthetically pleasing but this version is just something else. The gold lettering layered on top of this retro looking image of Lana staring straight faced into the camera with a pool and palm trees behind her just feels a lot fancier than the first version. It’s a cover that is not easily forgettable.

Cover Art Collection

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