Selena Gomez – “Slow Down” – Song Discussion

“Slow Down” was released as the second single from what is technically Selena Gomez’s debut studio album, Stars Dance, coming after the hit that was “Come And Get It” released back in 2013. Out of both tracks, the latter is probably the more unique when it comes to the production and more impressive when it comes to the vocals, but the former was one that I might have enjoyed just slightly more. While “Come And Get It” was a little experimental leaning and sensual, “Slow Down” is made up of classic EDM production from The Cataracts, stuttering vocals and a slinky guitar riff that combines the best dance music from the 2000s with modern pop of the mid 2010s. This song might have been looked ay by some as cookie cutter pop and in some regards, that might be true. But in those moments is exactly where it excels. It’s simply infectious and incredibly fun, smoothly produced pop that will make you want to dance whether you want to admit it or not.


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