Britney Spears “Toxic” & Deftones “Change (In The House of Flies)” – Remix

Have you ever wondered what Britney Spears would sound like as a rock artist? No? Well I have and this remix is exactly everything I had envisioned. Mixing the Deftones’ alt rock hit song from 2000 with Britney’s 2004 pop staple might not sound like an ideal combination at first but after hearing this, I wish there was more. “Toxic” has some darker undertones that are just coated in a dance pop glaze and by layering Britney’s vocals on the hard rock instrumental of “Change” makes the song come to life in a different way, almost as if it was meant to sound like this initially. Besides that, what makes this remix even more interesting is that it encompasses the best of both worlds, which is easily summed up by one of the comments left on this YouTube video: “It’s both sexy and miserable”.


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