Third Eye Blind – Blue – Memorable Moments

At this point in time, Third Eye Blind’s self titled debut album is an alternative rock staple. Being supported by the hit singles “Semi Charmed Life” and “Jumper”, the record went on to become 6x Platinum and deserved a proper follow up. With the bands sophomore effort, Blue, we saw a lot of the same that we did on their debut, however, I must admit that this one didn’t stick around as easily for me as their first record did. Unlike their first album which is completely unskippable, this record has a couple of holes in it and at this point, there are only a handful of songs that I consistently go back to. Despite that however, there are a few songs from this record that are some of my favorite tracks in the alt rock genre.


“Deep Inside Of You”

“Never Let You Go” is undeniably the most well known single released from this album but in terms of quality, “Deep Inside Of You” is easily number one. The song has such an incredible instrumental buildup from each verse to the chorus to bridge to the fade out. The lyrics are ambiguous enough and relatable enough at the same time, and it’s one of those songs I never get tired of. To me, this is one of those songs that can hold so much meaning or none at all, and that is entirely up to the listener to decide.


This track is like a high speed car chase, with ridiculously fast verses and a high energy backing that honestly makes me almost frantic every time I hear it. This is a song that takes me to such a specific place in my mind, but it’s over before you know it, and it always leaves me waiting for what’s next.

“An Ode To Maybe”

I have rarely come across another track that embodies the feeling of confusion and inability to make decisions as much as this one does. Lyrically, it’s all over the place, but when it comes to the instrumental, this song contains some of the best guitar work on the entire record. The little sing along pieces are perfectly placed and allow the listener to connect with the song, and it’s another one that ends just as soon as it begins. Only this time, it actually feels like enough.


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