Foster The People – Supermodel – Memorable Moments

Just like with their debut album Torches, Supermodel was released at a time where people still (sometimes) bought CDs. I still vividly remember the day it came out, going to Best Buy to pick up a copy, and chatting with the cute boy at the register about how great the band is. I remember even using the bright colored, Picasso like booklet artwork as decoration on my walls in my college apartment. This is an album that I didn’t necessarily find amazing at first but it’s one that I still find myself falling back into periodically and I understand it a lot more as the years go by. At this point, it’s one of my favorite pieces of music, but not for obvious reasons. There’s really no emotional attachment and I’m still trying to sort through most of the lyrics. But where this project hits most is that it’s just incredibly sonically pleasant. It’s rare to find an album that just sounds nice and connects to listeners based on the instrumental alone, but the various instruments, layers, tempos, and vocals on here all blend together to create music unlike any other. At times it can seem like there’s so much to sort through here but that’s what not only makes it fun, but extremely memorable too.


“A Beginners Guide To Destroying The Moon”

This song is a roller coaster the entire four and a half minutes of its duration. It keeps you guessing the entire way through, starting with a sampled intro of A$AP Rocky’s “LVL”, a dark and heavy guitar, and lead singer Mark Foster’s falsetto vocals. There are various other pieces from a light piano during the pre chorus, background noises, synthesizers heard throughout and a dreamy guitar during the bridge. And yet despite this seeming like a dumpster fire on paper, it’s actually probably the standout track on the entire album.

“Fire Escape”

Because I never really cared to look into the lyrics for these songs, for the longest time I didn’t know that this song was literally about a fire escape exit. It personifies a fire escape, giving it memories and describes the things it has seen. It’s an interesting perspective, backed by only an acoustic guitar, blips of synthesizer and extra angelic like background vocals.


This is a song that builds on itself so seamlessly that by the time it’s over, it’s almost hard to believe it also began with a simple acoustic guitar riff. The drums and percussion on here are some of the absolute best on the entire project and the vocal production is very noteworthy. The bridge on this song is probably my favorite and the outro is stunning, where it almost feels like a fever dream but seamlessly brings the entire tune together. It’s one of the more optimistic tracks we’re presented with and is one that easily plays on repeat for me.


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Memorable Moments

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