John Mayer – “New Light” – Music Video Discussion

John Mayer is an artist that at this point, has enough resources to create an immaculate music video. Which is why when it comes to the video for his 2018 single “New Light”, it’s surprising to note that it’s anything but immaculate. It’s actually as far from immaculate as can be. But one thing it does have is this charisma that million dollar costing music videos don’t. The project features Mayer in blue striped pajama pants, a dirty looking purple hoodie and sneakers that look like they’ve been sitting in his closet since 1994. The obvious green screen backgrounds aren’t stellar and the transitions are a bit random, but this video is actually just hilarious that none of that makes this feel a waste of time. Most artists these days don’t take the time to be silly nor do many of them comes off as real people. John Mayer, however, does. The authenticity of this music video is what makes it worthwhile, not the production or visuals. And that is something rare in and of itself.


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