Selena Gomez – “Rare” – Music Video Discussion

Looking back on Selena Gomez’s music career makes me nostalgic at best, if I’m being honest. I really enjoyed her material with her band The Scene during the Disney days but her more recent material just doesn’t do it for me. That doesn’t mean it’s bad by any means, it’s just not my preferred music to consume. And yet, just when I thought I was completely out of the loop of anything Selena Gomez related, the music video for her 2020 single “Rare” was released and I must admit that I stand corrected on my previous statements. Initially when I heard the song, I absolutely adored the production. I remember thinking that the beat sounds like someone banging on a pot with a wooden stick, and how it felt low key but intricate at the same time. To perfectly fit this idea, the video is a fairytale and psychedelic mix of forests, rainbow lights, and enough glitter and sparkles that might potentially induce a migraine (it’s worth it though, for those visuals). At it’s core, it seems like a rather simple production but with all the special effects and overlays, it feels like a drug induced trip, just without the after effects. This is the material I find best suits Selena and is the kind of stuff I hope she does more of in the future. She really pulls off this colorful and dreamy aesthetic without coming off as tacky or childish and there aren’t many other artists out there that I can say the same thing about.

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