100 gecs – “hand crushed by a mallet” (remix)

Featuring Fall Out Boy, Craig Owens, and Nicole Dollanganger

This song is one of the craziest things I’ve probably ever heard considering how tame my music taste actually is and this is something I probably wouldn’t even have liked just five years ago. I’ve found that experimental music is either boring or over the top and I’ve never been able to find the balance in between until I came across 100 gecs. And what I’ve found that really makes their music work is the structure of their songs, especially this one. Balance is the thing that keeps this song from like sounding like a jumbled mess where each part never lingers on for too long and each artist sounds like their genuine selves. Even thought they kept all of the original lyrics and melodies, and we still have aspects of the original experimental pop sound, there are also parts of this that sound like 2005’s Fall Out Boy, elements of Craig Owens’ upbeat rock sound and Nicole Dollanganger’s ambient and soft vibe. Many times with covers or remixes, the artist who is covering the song will try too hard to fit in with the original, thereby losing a semblance of their own originality. But this one is especially very cool because it avoids that catastrophe completely and it’s amazing to hear how it sounds like a little collage of each of these four artists. What I also find very interesting is just how well produced this is considering many artists struggle with the production aspect on their own songs without any features, while this one has three and doesn’t sound disconnected even for a second. That is not an easy accomplishment but 100 gecs makes it look so simple.

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