Dobie Gray – “Drift Away”

Released 1973

I’m sure everyone knows the Uncle Kracker version of this song that became insanely popular in the early 2000s but I just want to take a quick moment to showcase the original song by Dobie Gray (fun fact: Dobie actually sings background in Uncle Kracker’s version and also appears in the music video. Super cool). For a really long time, I lived my life not even knowing that the song I had hearing all these years was a cover and when I came across Dobie’s original version, I was ECSTATIC. Both versions are great, but there’s a special something about the original version, released by Dobie Gray in the early 1970’s. I find it to be timeless; it’s very simple and very pretty to listen to, and sounds like it could have been recorded in any decade. The R&B feel of the track is lovely, and the guitar riffs and vocal melodies are impossible to not want to sing aloud. There are even so many parts that make you feel like you’re actually part of the song, like the hand claps after the bridge and the extra background vocals during the chorus that give it a very full effect. This song has the ability to make you feel like you’re literally in the room it’s being recorded in, and it’s one that can make me feel like I’m in room filled with others, jamming out to it, even if I’m alone. That feeling is something special.

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