You Me At Six – Take Off Your Colours

Track Listing 

  1. The Truth Is A Terrible Thing
  2. Gossip
  3. Finders Keepers
  4. Call That a Comeback
  5. Jealous Minds Think Alike
  6. Save It For The Bedroom
  7. Take Off Your Colours
  8. You’ve Made Your Bed (So Sleep In It)
  9. If You Run
  10. Tigers and Sharks
  11. If I Were In Your Shoes
  12. Always Attract
  13. Nasty Habits
  14. The Rumour 
  15. Sweet Feet
  16. All Your Fault
  17. Blue Eyes Don’t Lie


Genre: pop punk

You Me At Six is a pop punk band that I got into way too late and somehow don’t feel like a total dork listening to all these years later considering how late I am to the party. I had known about the band for a long time but for whatever reason never got into the group when they first burst onto the scene (probably because I couldn’t find any of their CDs at the library, which was my main way of sourcing new music back in the day before we had streaming). But upon first listen, I must say that this album has me torn: it’s definitive from the mid to late 2000s, and takes me right back to my awkward middle school years and teen angst. But on the other hand, the production and songwriting is immaculate, as are the vocals and overall melodies and sound. It’s been a little while now since my initial listen to the bands debut Take Off Your Colours, but every time I listen to it, it sounds just as fun as the first time. It’s filled with incredibly fun pop punk inspired moments, rock moments, lyrics that are entertaining to decipher and continues to be one of the most impressive debuts I’ve ever heard.

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