AViT – “twitterloser”

Track #11 off of imperfect & incomplete, released 2021

This song somehow manages to connect the two worlds of the late 2000s/early 2010s and modern day, showcasing the similarities between them while also demonstrating exactly how much has changed. Layered in an electronic, pop punk, emo, and hip hop mix of instrumental, it captures every single genre that was popular in 2009 but also has influences of modern production techniques at the same time. The track is basically summed up by the title and by the one lyric in the chorus “You can tweet at me, but don’t expect a follow back”. It’s pretty self explanatory (and contains a lot of F-bombs) but takes us into this social media world that I’m sure we’re all a little too familiar with at this point. The entire thing is slick and fast, relatable for those living through social media now and bringing flashbacks to those us who grew up with it ten years ago. 

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